Gen Katumba Wamala Cautions against Forging Stickers

“These stickers have very specific security features. Our officers with their phones can be able to detect if it’s a forged sticker or it’s a real one. I know some people may be warming up to go on Nasser Road and make prints of these but don’t think that our officers are not well informed on the road,” Wamala said.
02 Apr 2020 21:48

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The minister of Roads, Works and Transport, Gen. Edward Katumba Wamala has cautioned against the forgery of stickers that government is issuing to emergency service providers that were exempted from the ban on vehicle movement.

Speaking at the Uganda Media Center, this afternoon, Katumba Wamala said anyone caught with a forged sticker will among other things have his/her car impounded. 

He added that If anybody tries to forge the stickers, they will be caught because the authentic ones have been fitted with security features that make it easy to be identified. 

//Cue in “if you are found...

Cue out…be prosecuted accordingly,”// 

Meanwhile, Wamala also said that any vehicle owner including those of government, who is given a sticker must not drive outside the Kampala Metropolitan Area. He said those who wish to travel upcountry, must get express permission from the Minister of Works. 

“These stickers are for the greater Kampala Metropolitan Area, they don’t give you authority to drive outside. We shouldn’t transfer the disease upcountry,” Wamala said. 

He also added that the sticker doesn’t give its bearers an exemption to drive beyond the 7pm or anytime before 6:30 a.m.

For the sake of the districts outside the Kampala Metropolitan Area, Wamala said, their Taskforces headed by Resident District Commissioners will decide according to the guidelines of the presidents, those critical services in the district that must remain open during the current lockdown and issue them with stickers.

The minister also clarified that the issued stickers are not transferable from one car to another. 

“If we find that card in the vehicle, which it was not registered, we shall confiscate that card because that’s a violation,” Wamala said. 

He also told all drivers to move with their employment IDs, National IDs and driving permits and produce them to the security whenever they are stopped. 

On Monday, President Yoweri Museveni decreed a 14-day lockdown of the country restricting vehicle movement to only the essential services like the media, security, medical personnel, banks and utility companies among others.