Generals Warn Teso Against Walk to Work Protests

Teso Cautioned against Walk to Work protests
Two army generals from Teso region have issued a stern warning against the ‘walk to work’ protesters in the region.

Lt. Gen Jeje Odong, the State Minister for Defense and Brigadier Charles Angina the Chief of Staff of Land Forces, have warned people from Teso against taking part in the ‘walk to work’ street protests.

In a statement seemingly directed at Juma Opolot, a supporter of the Forum for Democratic Change, and a one Otekat, the two generals warned that any attempt at walk to work protests would be crashed.


The two generals accuse Opolot and otekat of mobilizing and ferrying people from Teso to demonstrate in Kampala.

They warn that the two will soon be arrested.

But Opolot faults the two-army generals for using their positions to intimidate and persecute people who have divergent views from theirs. He explains that it would be illogical to transport people from Soroti to Kampala where there are more who are determined to demonstrate at whatever cost.

Gen. Odong could not be reached on his cell-phone but Brigadier Angina declined to comment insisting that he could only do so from his office in Bombo.

Lt. Col Felix Kulaigye the army and defense spokesperson however defends the action of the two generals. He says the two who hail from Teso could have just been advising their kinsmen not to participate in the protests.

Kulaigye also says Odong being the Minister in-charge of security has a right to dissuade people from taking part in the riots.


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