GISO Wins LC1 Elections Amid Protests

Jude Mbabaali, lawyer who also doubles as the Masaka District Chairpersons says due to the fact that the right of Public Officers to contest in LC1 and LC2 elections without resigning their offices was removed by Section 1 of the Local Government Amendments Act No.2 2006, which deleted Section 1166 b Mutebi could not be elected.
The Nyendo-Ssenyange GISO Nuhu Mutebi (in tunic) standing with his opponent at Buchulo village where the voting has taken place.

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The Gombolola Internal Security Officer-GISO for Nyendo-Ssenyange division in Masaka Municipality, Haji Nuhu Mutebi, has been elected Buchulo village chairperson amid protests.

Haji Nuhu Mutebi of the NRM party garnered 181 votes while his rival Democratic Party's Muhammad Kateregga got 11 votes. 

However, Kateregga has protested the results, saying that Mutebi being a public servant should have resigned his office before being nominated.

Mutebi says despite being a civil servant, there was nothing to deter him from contesting since being a GISO is not a permanent job. 

He defended his victory by saying that the village needed an experienced person to curb insecurity. 

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Prior to prior the nomination, Kateregga had through his lawyers of Mbabaali Jude and Company Advocates petitioned the Masaka district registrar seeking the nullification of Mutebi. However, the petition was never responded to.

Mbabaali, who is also the Masaka District Chairperson, says that the fact that the right of Public Officers to contest in LC1 and LC2 elections without resigning their offices was removed by Section 1 of the Local Government (Amendments) Act (No.2) 2006, which deleted Section 116(6) (b) Mutebi should not have contested.

“We notified the Masaka district registrar to nullify Mutebi's nomination and he never replied our humble prayer,” Mbabaali said. 

Although the electoral commission had allowed civil servants to be nominated without resigning, in a release dated June 29, the Commission's chairperson Justice Simon Byabakama clarified that all public servants who wish to contest for LC1 and LC2 Chairpersons were required to resign their offices before nomination. 

Meanwhile, candidates in the LC 1 elections at six landing sites of Kalangala District engaged in a fight.

This was in a bid to resist unregistered voters from participating in the elections.

The Landing sites include Mwena, Kasamba, Bwendero, Busanga, Kisaba, Bumangi, Nkose and Miyana. The brawls in Mwena were as a result of a disagreement between the contestants Lubega Charles and Kiweewa the other contestants who had introduced new voters but never featured on the village register.

In Bumangi village, Resty Nakamya one of the residents engaged in a fight with police officers who tried to deter one of the contestants Kiggundu Richard, a Gombolola Internal Security Officer from contesting in the election. Nakamya was also arrested and is currently detained at Kalangala Central Police Station.

At Bungo Landing site, the District Police Commander Richard Musisi and the district returning officer Emmanuel Matsiko were prompted to rush to the area to contain a protest by the voters and the contestants who failed to agree with the presiding officers on the number of voters.