Government Considers Proposals for the Purchase of Unmanned Aircraft

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An Israeli aircraft manufacturer, Innocon, says it is has sent a proposal to the government of Uganda for the sale of unmanned air vehicles.
Zvika Nave, Chief Executive Officer of Innocon, told the World Aeronautical Press Agency that government wants the unmanned aircraft for intelligence-gathering missions along its borders. He said Innocon has offered the Mini Falcon I UAV aircraft as a possible contender.
The Mini Falcon is three meters long and has a wingspan of five meters. Specifications from Innocon's website say it is 30 kilograms when empty and can carry a payload of 15 kilograms.
The Mini Falcon can take off and land automatically and is able to perform 12-hour missions.
Government has not responded to news of the impending purchase of the equipment. It is the policy of the Ministry of Defense not to discuss military hardware purchases in the media.
The World Aeronautical Press Agency reports that this is not the first time the Ugandan government has worked with the Israeli company. It says government acquired a P92 Echo Super light aircraft modified with an electro-optical payload from Innocon several years ago. The aircraft was grounded after suffering technical problems.
The Uganda People's Defense Forces now use a win-engined Vulcanair P68 equipped with an Israeli made payload controlled from a ground station.