Government Starts Distributing Mosquito Nets To Market Vendors

The Ministry has a total of 5000 nets to be distributed in the different markets in Kampala including Nakasero, Owino, Nakawa and Kalerwe market among others.
Quality Chemicals Limited Displays one of the nets donated to government for use by market vendors

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The Ministry of Health and Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) has started distributing mosquito nets to vendors sleeping in markets around Kampala.

A total of 5000 nets are to be distributed in the different markets in Kampala including Nakasero, Owino, Nakawa and Kalerwe markets among others.

KCCA says the mosquito nets will be used by the vendors who have been asked to sleep in the markets as a way of stopping the spread of COVID-19. Quality Chemicals Limited donated 2000 nets toewards the cause.

The distribution exercise started today at the Nakasero market where the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health Diana Atwine and officials from KCCA met vendors and asked them to protect themselves against malaria. Atwine urged vendors to use the nets appropriately to protect their health.

//Cue in: "And also ministry...

Cue out: ... avoiding the infection."//


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Atwine used the same meeting to urge vendors to keep vigilant against COVID-19 and respect standard operating procedures especially physical distancing.

Henry Bukenya, the Manager Commercial Services at KCCA thanked government for allowing markets to continue operating. He said they are working tirelessly to maintain SOPs and said they are also about to reintroduce the working in shift system which will limit the number of vendors working at a particular time.


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Faridah Kimuli, the treasurer of Nakasero market expressed gratitude at government and Quality Chemical for availing nets to vendors.

She said the market management shall continue enforcing SOPs in the market adding that they have already reinstituted working in shifts as it were during the 2020 lockdown.


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Vendors who got the nets thanked the government for supplying them with the mosquito nets. One of the vendors was particularly happy that although she didnot get a net last year, this time she didnot miss out.


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The distribution of nets shall continue throughout the day in different markets in town.

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