Government Whip Acknowledges Poor Performance of Committee Chairpersons

Lumumba said it is not only the new committee chairpersons who are under performing but even their senior colleagues.

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Justine Kasule Lumumba, the government Chief Whip Justine has acknowledged the under performance of some parliamentary committee chairpersons. She made this observation at breakfast meeting with journalists under the Uganda Parliamentary Press Association this morning.  

Lumumba said it is not only the new committee chairpersons who are underperforming but even their senior colleagues.  She said this while responding to concerns by journalists that some of the recently appointed committee chairpersons were performing poorly.


Lumumba however said it was the responsibility of individual parties and parliament to help the committee leaders to perform better.  

//Cue in: “Let me tell you……..

Cue out…individual attention”//


She explained that there have been continuous training to help Committee Chairpersons adding that, in the past the Leader of Opposition has offered similar training to the Opposition chairs.

Lumumba however noted that she will carry out a review of the performance of Committee Chairpersons to see whether there is improvement and if not the Party Caucus will take a decision.


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Cue out:……..decide on what to do”//

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Cue out:…….nga ba chairperson”//