Gov't Asked to Export Fresh Products to United States

The African Growth and Opportunities Act (AGOA) Exporters Association of Uganda has called on the Ugandan Government to apply to export fresh products to the United States.
A graph showing Ugandas performance over time in AGOA

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The African Growth and Opportunities Act (AGOA) Exporters Association of Uganda has called on the government to apply and export fresh products to the United States.

AGOA is a US trade law established in 2,000 and running up to 2025, where sub-Saharan African countries including Uganda export over 6,000 different types of products duty-free to the US.

  Uganda was the USA's 130th largest supplier of goods in 2017. Goods from Uganda totalled USD 79 million in 2017 up by USD 28 million in 2016 but declined to only 40 million in 2018.

The chairperson AGOA Exporters Association Hilbert Jaquay says whereas other countries supply fresh products to the United States, the products from Uganda are not allowed into the United States which has contributed to its slow performance.

Jaquay was on Friday speaking at a press conference on the forthcoming sensitization workshop and Exhibition AGOA at Parliament. It was attended by the Speaker Rebecca Kadaga and Suzan Muhwezi, the Senior Presidential Advisor on AGOA.

  She says the Ministry of Agriculture which plans to export to the US needs to apply to the food and drug administration in the United States in order to be able to export fresh products, especially agricultural products.

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Kadaga noted that not many Ugandans know how to get involved in AGOA, leave alone the benefits.

  She says the exhibition is aimed at ensuring that the public aware of the opportunities that are available and the kind of products they can export to the US.

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Muhwezi hailed the private sector for the progress made so far in exporting to the United States.

She, however, says the performance is still low when compared to other African countries.

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