Gov't Gives Bududa Shs200M Towards Construction of Stalled Administration Block

The construction works which started in July last year are estimated to cost 4billion shillings up to completion but had since stalled following lack of funds.
Second Phase construcion resumes

The Ministry of Finance has given Bududa District Local Government 200 million Shillings support to continue with construction of their administration block which had stalled for over five months due to lack of funds.    

Bududa district started construction of a new administration block after the district authorities cited a challenge of limited office and working space which has forced some departmental heads and workers to operate from outside the district headquarters.   Bududa district headquarters are under the old building of Manjiya County.   

To address the challenge, the district allocated 300 million Shillings which they collected from local revenue to cater for the foundation of the administration block which will have three stories.   The construction works which started in July last year are estimated to cost 4billion shillings up to completion but had since stalled following lack of funds to support construction.   

Bududa district Local revenue has dropped after the creation of five new town councils of Bududa, Nangako, Bushigai, Kikholo and Kuushu which are semi autonomous in operation.   This meant that the money from some of the main markets like Bukigai in Bushigai Town Council and Bushika in Nangako Town council which would give Bududa  over 100million annually  and would equally help in supporting construction of the administration block were cut off.

Bududa now collects less than 100 million Shillings in local revenue since the 2017/18 financial year after operationalization of most town councils as compared to earlier years when they used to collect much more.

Samson Natsambwa the Bududa districtDeputy Chief Administrative Officer appealed to  other donor communities to contribute to the construction of the block. He said they are still relying on local revenue which may take them longer to have the block completed.

Issa Bukoma, the Bududa district engineer hailed the ministry for the support saying the money shall take them another mile to the second phase and they will reach the level of casting a slab. He also asked other well-wishers, mostly politicians, to lobby for more funds from other sources so that they can complete the building.   

Wilson Watira the Bududa district local council five Chairperson said they still have a long way to go but they will not lose hope. He also appealed to other politicians, especially those in parliament to continue lobbying for more funds from the government so that they can have the building completed. 

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