Gov't Stuck with 300 Domestic Workers Facing Deportation in Saudi Arabia

The Ministry of Health is under pressure to clear the return of 300 domestic workers currently stuck in Saudi Arabia .
Some of the girls going to work in the Middle East

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The Ministry of Health is under pressure to clear the return of 300 Ugandans currently stuck in Saudi Arabia.   

The 300 are mostly domestic workers who entered the country illegally and were in deportation centers, while others do not have funds to survive in the country, while others tested positive of COVID-19 and want to return but have no means.     

The Ugandans have reportedly been bundled up together in the same place under the custody of Saudi Arabia, and may be put on a plane anytime soon.

According to the Ministry of Health’s permanent Secretary Diana Awine they must answer in 24 hours about clearing the Ugandans' return. 

Atwine who was appearing before the Parliament committee on Government Assurance on Wednesday said that the Saudi Arabians are saying they will put the Ugandans in a plane on Thursday or Friday whether the Ministry clears them or not.     

Atwine told the committee which was looking into Government’s fulfillment of its COVID-19 pledges that they do not have enough resources, as for instance they have to quarantine the domestic workers at their own cost and even feed them.  

Last evening, the Permanent Secretary, undersecretary and the Director General and officials from the Ministry of health where still pondering on their next move, as their capacity is to receive 300 Ugandans every after two weeks. Atwine says they were not expecting any more Ugandans until after two weeks since they received a team of 300 already.

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According to Atwine, several Ugandans returning are coming without any money and are expecting Government to meet their expenses including feeding.   

Atwine says for instance there are over 1000 people currently being given food by the Ministry, and this include the contacts of the positive cases.

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