Gulu City Council Moots Plan to Construct Modern Museum

Gulu City Council Mayor Alfred Okwonga says that the museum will be the first of its kind in the Acholi Sub-region once established.
Gulu City Council Sign post.

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Gulu City Council has proposed plans to construct a modern museum.

According to City council officials, the plans still at the inception stage will be implemented in partnership with the Uganda National Museum.

Gulu City Council Mayor Alfred Okwonga says that the museum will be the first of its kind in the Acholi Sub-region once established.

Okwonga says the city council is currently finalizing the concept and working on an architectural design for the modern Museum which will help in the preservation of culture and promote historical education.

He notes that they have already conducted a benchmarking at the Uganda National Museum in Kampala to borrow ideas on the planned museum establishment in the region.

“Museum is very important for the preservation of culture, information, and tourist attraction among others. We hope this will help our people in the region once it’s established,” says Okwonga.

Okwonga says they intend to partner with the Uganda National Museum under the Ministry of Tourism Wildlife and Antiquities towards the establishment of the museum in the city.

Isiah Tumwesigye, Gulu City Council Town Clerk says besides offering education about the Acholi heritage, the proposed museum will help to attract tourists thereby earning the city council local revenue.

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Tumwesigye says the Museum will also have a wildlife tourism center where wild animals will be kept for the local tourists who would have spent highly to travel to Entebbe Wildlife Center.

He notes that the proposed Museum and Wildlife center will be established at the now-defunct deer Park at Sir Samuel Baker Secondary School, about five kilometers outside Gulu City center.

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He says they will conduct a feasibility study on the proposed site for the establishment of the museum, prepare quotations and draw a design that will be presented to the Uganda National Museum officials for partnership and funding.

Tumwesigye reveals that the proposed establishment of the Museum has earned the city council the opportunity to host this year's International Museum celebration slated for May 18th. He says the national celebration will further boost the City council's quest to sell the Acholi heritage at the national and international levels.

International museum day has been celebrated annually across the globe for the last 40 years to pay tribute to the international museum community.

In the 2015/16 Financial year, the government made plans to construct regional museums across the country with Arua and Fort Portal being the first to benefit.

However last year, Samuel Kizaalwa, the Assistant Commissioner for Museums and Monuments revealed that the plans had been put on halt for the development of the National Museum in Kampala and the three regional museums in Kabale, Moroto, and Soroti districts.

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