Gulu Detective Suspended over Bribe for Granting Bond to Human Trafficking Suspect

Corporal David Oringa, the Officer In-charge of the Criminal Investigations Department (OCCID) at Gulu University police post in Gulu is accused of taking a bribe of six hundred shillings from the family of Louis Ayella, a human trafficking suspect.
Aswa River Region Police Spokesperson David Ongom Mudong addresses the press in Gulu City recently.

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The Police Professional Standard Unit -PSU in Aswa River Region has suspended a police detective for taking 600,000 Shillings bribe to grant a police bond for a criminal suspect.


Corporal David Oringa, the Officer In-charge of the Criminal Investigations Department (OCCID) at Gulu University police post is accused of taking the bribe from the family of one Louis Ayella, a suspect arrested over suspected human trafficking.


The suspect`s family says Oringa demanded one million and five hundred thousand shillings from them, saying that the case was complicated. However, upon negotiation, they settled for six hundred thousand shillings.


Ayella was arrested on the 4th August 2022 from Koro Trading Centre in Gulu City after ignoring police summon about two weeks ago, following the alleged disappearance of a passenger whom he had carried from Gulu City to Awach Sub County. 


Led by Patrick Ojok who is the suspect`s brother, the family went to find out from Gulu University police post and to subsequently secure him police bond but were shocked when the OCCID demanded that they pay 600,000 Shilllings before Ayella would be released.


Ojok explains that out of distress the family raised 500,000 Shillings on the next day leading to the release of Ayella but with a commitment to clear the balance of Shillings 100,000 in a due time. 

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Trouble for Corporal Oringa struck when Ojok sought the assistance of the Police Professional Standards Unit (PSU) in Aswa River Region seeking why they were asked to pay money to secure a bond for their brother.


However, the PSU advised Ojok to trick the officer by photocopying all the notes that they intended to pay for the balance.


Then on Friday 12th August 2022 when the family alerted the OCCID that they were coming with seventy-five thousand shillings little did he know that was in the company detectives.


No sooner had the OCCID received the money than he was arrested by the officers in plain clothes. 

David Ongom Mudong, the Aswa River Region Police Spokesperson said on Tuesday that the OCCID was then arrested and held at the Aswa River Regional PSU detention cell and later this week was suspended from duties pending investigations.