Gulu Sports Officer Commits Suicide

Pande says they have commenced investigations to establish circumstances surrounding the officers death given his senior position in the district.
Mourners Gathered At The Residence of Former Gulu District Sports Officer Aldo Otto Okot

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Police have commenced investigations into the death of Aldo Otto Okot, the Gulu District Education officer in charge of Administration and Sports. 

Okot, 55, who has also been the President of Uganda Post Primary Sports Association, is alleged to have committed suicide on a jack fruit tree at his home in Pece Pa Odyek village in Pece Division in Gulu Municipality on Friday night.

His children found his lifeless body with a piece of broken synthetic string around his neck under the jack fruit tree south of his residence, a short distance behind his family latrine. Police officers led by Davis Pande, the Police Officer in charge of the Crime Investigations Department at Gulu Central Police Station rushed to the crime scene to retrieve the body.

Pande says they have commenced investigations to establish circumstances surrounding the officers' death given his senior position in the district.

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Pande says preliminary investigations indicate that the deceased was home early with five other people at 8pm. Relatives told Police that after Okot then retired to bed after super adding that none heard him coming out in the night.

Dr. Okello Amos Festo, the Chairperson of Acet Lalogi and Odek Community where Okot was general secretary, says they were shocked to hear the news of the incident. He said Okot had a peaceful, dedicated and religious personality who was not easily annoyed. 

Denis Ojwee, a retired referee in Gulu describes Okot as a hardworking sports officer who was committed to bettering sports in the district.  Last year, Okot played a central role in the reconstruction of the dilapidated Pece War Memorial Stadium and the organization of the Federation of East Africa Secondary Schools Sports Association (FEASSA) tournament, which took place in Gulu district.

Born on April 1st, 1963 in Awere village in Pader district, Otto served as the games teacher at Awere Secondary school and Gulu High School before he was appointed Gulu District Sports officer, a position he held up to his death.

He also served as General Secretary National Post Primary Schools Sports Association as well as the chairman Urban Authority of Uganda Sports Association. He is survived by two widows and more than six children. It is the second suicide case in Otto's family line following the one of his nephew Sunday Odoch Okello recently.