Hailstorm Devastates Kakumiro Villages

The affected are residents from the sub counties of Kibijjo, kikoora, kakindo kasingo, Ibambara, Kanyawawa and Kitaihuka town council.
A man standing in his cassava garden that was destroyed by the hailstorm in Kakumiro.

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More than 200 farmers in Kakumiro district are counting losses after a hailstorm ravaged their gardens. The affected residents are from the sub counties of Kibijjo, Kikoora, Kakindo Kasingo, Ibambara, Kanyawawa and Kitaihuka town council. 

The two-day heavy downpour on Saturday evening and Sunday destroyed several acres of beans, cassava, sweet potatoes, groundnuts and banana plantations. Some animals including goats also died as a result of the hailstorm.    

Some families have also been left homeless after their homes were submerged by floods that resulted from the heavy downpour.    

Innocent Katumba, one of the affected residents in Kibijjo Sub County explains that more than 100 homesteads in his area have lost their crops. He adds that there is likely to be an outbreak of famine in the area.

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Cue out:…ba byare byaka.”//  

Rose Nalwoga, a resident of Kasingo cell in Kitaihuka town council is worried that the magnitude of the destruction is likely to trigger food shortages and affect livelihood earnings since most of the crops were ready for harvest.     

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Cue out:…bifire biri hansi.”//     

Karoli Musaazi, a resident of Ibambara cell in Kitaihuka town council says his four acres of rice and beans respectively were destroyed by a hailstorm, adding that he has no hope of harvesting anything from his garden.  

Babirye Kusiima wants the government to immediately intervene and have the affected families supported with quick maturing seedlings to replace the destroyed crops. 

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Cue out: yiruka nitutaha omunju.”//    

Elizabeth Atuhairwe, the female district councillor for Kakumiro town council says they have started registering the affected persons together with the damage they have suffered so that they can forward the details to the Office of the Prime Minister.

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Cue out:…Obwire bwa maiso.”//   

She wants the government to come to the rescue of the area residents more especially those whose houses were destroyed by providing them with some relief items.

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