Health Workers in Buliisa Pinned Over Absenteeism, Late Coming

The accused health workers are from Buliisa Health Center IV, Kihungya Health Center III, Butiaba Health center III and Biiso health center III among others.
Biiso Health Center III one of the health facilities whose workers are accused of absenteeism.Photo by Emmanuel Okello.

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Health workers in health facilities in Buliisa district are on the spotlight over late coming and absenteeism.

Residents have raised a red flag over the gross absenteeism of the health workers from their duty stations, especially during the weekends.  The accused health workers are from Buliisa Health Center IV, Kihungya Health Center III, Butiaba Health Centre III and Biiso health center III among others.

According to the residents, most patients have been turned away while seeking treatment at the health facilities due to the absence of the workers.

Kennedy Kyaligonza, a resident of Buliisa town council says most health workers at Buliisa health center IV are away during weekends leaving patients seeking treatment at the facility stranded.

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Joyce Kyaligonza, a resident of Biiso Sub County says the issue of absenteeism among health workers has for long affected service delivery in the area.  She however faults leaders in various facilities for not monitoring and supervising their juniors.  

Emmanuel Businge, a resident of Butiaba landing site in Butiaba Sub County wants the government to take disciplinary action against health workers.

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John Aliganyira, a resident of Ngwedu Sub County says the health workers have failed to deliver up to the expectations of members of the public. He says that some residents have abandoned treatment at the facilities.

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Nelson Naisye, the District Health Officer-DHO Buliisa admits that several complaints have been filed against some health workers in the district about absenteeism from duty adding that they have issued warnings to the health workers.

He further explains that they have intensified supervision of the health workers to ensure that they are at their duty stations every day.   

Longino Bahebwa, the Resident District Commissioner-RDC Buliisa says his office has ordered the Chief Administrative Officer-CAO to delete names of health workers who will be found guilty of absenteeism from duty since they are doing a de-service to both the government and the area residents yet the government is fully paying them.  

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