Heavy Deployment in Moroto Ahead of Education Minister's Visit

Moses Ngole another business man said the heavy deployment has disorganized their normal business.
02 Sep 2021 10:22

Moroto is under heavy deployment of UPDF, police and Special Forces Command ahead of the visit of the minister of Education and Sports Janet Museveni.

The men and women in uniform have blocked the use of Moroto Soroti highway diverting motorists and other road users to access the high way through Campswahili chini to Katanga and join the high way.

Minister Museveni is expected to be in Moroto today to officially opened Naoi Technical School constructed with the funding from European Union.

The EU ambassador is also expected to be part of the team touring the region.

But the heavy deployment has disturbed many locals who are wondering why the government is failing to curb cattle rustling in the wildness but engrossed in restricting people's business.

Betty Nakiru a business woman dealing in mandazi making around Katanga said she had made her mandanzi hoping that her customers going to the offices would take them.

" I made my mandanzi expecting to get 30,000 Shillings today bug I was surprised when the military vechicles came and parked in front of my kisoki and ordered me out of my business place, so I don't know what will my children eat today," she said.

Moses Ngole another business man said the heavy deployment has disorganized their normal business.

"Some of us are more hit by covid19 and when a day goes wasted it affects us so much," he said.

But Mr.Micheal Longole the Karamoja regional police Spokesperson said the heavy deployment was normal to ensure the safety of the European Union delegations to Karamoja, ministry of Karamoja affairs ministers and the first lady who's also the minister of Education and sport.

"People should not get worried over the deployment because it is normal and it will not last long,"  he said.

Meanwhile several non government organization working in Karamoja region have been spending nights in the field trying to put in enough some work to impress the EU delegation.

Some of the NGO staff were chased away by the locals in Loputuk village in Nadunget sub county when they had gone to interact with the locals about the activities they intend to do.

Mark Lokol a village chairperson of Loputuk told URN that NGOs people get more active on the ground when they expect their funders or the first lady.