Heavy Rains Cut off Hoima Municipality Roads

The bridge connects the two Villages of Bujumbura East and Lukasa Middle in Bujumbura and Kahoora divisions respectively.
A boda-boda rider struggling to go through the susbmerged and collapsed bridge
Transport was paralysed on Sunday along the Lusaka-Bujumbura road in Kahoora and Bujumbura Divisions in Hoima Municipality following a heavy downpour.

The rain swept away a bridge connecting the two divisions.  The heavy rains that started at 4 am lasted for close to three hours.   

This has caused panic among commuters and residents who constantly use the bridge as a shortcut to their destinations.    

Residents have appealed to the Hoima Municipality Authorities to move with speed and resolve the situation since the bridge saves them from wasting time in traffic.      

James Katusiime, a resident of Bujumbura East who woke up early to go for first prayers was forced to go back home since he could not access the Church. 

He calls for immediate intervention to have the bridge fully constructed.     

Rogers Bisoborwa, a resident of Lusaka Middle faults the municipal authorities for fixing faulty and weak culverts on the bridge. 

He says the pupils could miss going to school if the bridge is not repaired. Boda Boda cyclists have also hiked the fares.   

Julius Kato, a Boda Boda cyclist in Bujumbura says currently they are charging between 2,000 to 3,000 from me, 000 shillings to cross the flooded bridge with a customer to Hoima town.

 Efforts to get a comment from both the chairpersons LC3 of Kahoora and Bujumbura divisions Fredrick Alibankoha and Edward Ruhigwa respectively were futile since they did not respond to our repeated phone calls.

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