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Heavy Rains Kill 1, Wreck Havoc in Kamuli

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A man has died after his house collapsed on him following torrential rains that have been pounding Butansi village in Kitayenje sub-county Kamuli district this morning.

Eighty-year-old Adam Mutegombwa died as relatives and neighbours rushed him to hospital. He was living alone at the time of the incident. Police have taken his body for an autopsy.

According to a relative, Hamza Asadhakwire, who rushed to his house at about 5:00 am after the heavy down pour, Mutegombwa was found unconscious under the rubble.

Asadhakwire says they left their uncle Adam Mutegombwa on his own because that was his wish and had appeared in good health.

He was last seen moving out of the house yesterday evening when he went to visit some neighbours. He was later heard coming back to his home at around 8:00 pm.

Ntalo Kalinaki, an unhurt survivor of the storm, whose house also collapsed, says the rains begun at around 11:00 pm and lasted till the wee hours of the morning.

It was characterized by heavy downpour, gushing winds and flooding that easily razed down the mud-and-wattle grass-thatched huts.

The rains also caused massive destruction to other homes, crops, vegetation and animals, whose cost could not be easily estimated yet.

Samsom Lubega, the Southeastern Regional Police Spokesman, says the police have begun sensitizing the masses on how to manage heavy rains, floods and the environment.

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