Court Summons King Oyo Over Suspension of Kingdom Constitution

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In 2014, George Kusemererwa, a member of the Tooro Kingdom clan council sued King Oyo for illegally suspending the constitution
A copy of summons
The High Court in Fort Portal has summoned Tooro King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV over the suspension of the kingdom constitution. Also summoned is Steven Kaliba, the former Kingdom Premier.

According to the summons dated July 8th 2015 and signed by the registrar of the High Court, King Oyo and Kaliba have been asked to appear in court on September 24th. 

In 2014, George Kusemererwa, a member of the Tooro kingdom clan council sued King Oyo for illegally suspending the constitution. In his affidavit to court, Kusemererwa argues that the King suspended the constitution without the consultation and approval of the kingdom parliament, the Orukurato, which approved the same constitution in 1999.

Kusemererwa further states that Oyo went ahead and unlawfully appointed Steven Kaliba as Prime Minister without a constitution in place.

In 2013, while addressing the kingdom parliament, Oyo disbanded the constitution and said at that time, the suspension of the constitution will not affect business in the kingdom parliament.

He said that the parliament and other kingdom offices and land committees should continue operating.

The king also directed the committee he appointed in 2010 to review the constitution and speed up the amendments process.

Some of the amendments are: a proposal to shift the powers to remove the king from the kingdom parliament to the reigning Babiito clan. It was also to recognize  Kyegewa and Ntoroko districts as being under the jurisdiction of Tooro kingdom.

In a telephone interview, Kennedy Gusaliire, the kingdom spokesperson told Uganda Radio Network that they are yet to receive the summons and are ready to respond to them.

Gusaliire however, insists that the constitution is in place but Oyo only called for amendments of some sections. He adds that the draft constitution will soon be presented to the kingdom parliament.

The summons to King Oyo comes days after President Museveni\'s visit to Tooro, to mediate in the leadership impasse involving King Oyo and his cousin Prince David Kijanangoma.

During a meeting with opinion leaders and supporters from Oyo and Kijanangoma camps, Museveni also said that the court cases filed in courts of law should be withdrawn and the religious leaders should take lead in mediation.

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