Hima Health Center III Staff Pinned Over Absenteeism, Late Coming

Sarah Nebanja who gets her treatment from the facility told URN reporter that health workers report at the facility around 11:00Am and within an hour’s time they break off for lunch.
From Distance Patients At Hima HCIII Awaiting for Medical Attention on Thursday Morning

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Patients at Hima HCIII in Kasese District have raised concern about the absenteeism of health workers.  The facility has 18 health workers who attend to more than 100 patients every day.

Some HIV/Aids patients say they have been forced to abandon their treatment after failing to get their drug refills on time.

At the time URN reporter visited the facility on Thursday at around 10:00 am about 20 patients were sitting in the waiting area for the health workers.

Sarah Nebanja says that health workers report at the facility around 11:00 a.m. and do not return after lunch.  She says many patients have left the facility without receiving any treatment.  

 //Cue in: “Ba doctor bajja…   

 Cue out: “… nga tofulnye dagala.”//  

Musa Muhindo one of the patients says that he spent more than three hours at the facility not being attended to.

 //Cue in: “The delays will… 

Cue out:…may not be adequate.”//

Dalyna Kabagenyi working with Kasese Women Health Initiative (KWHI), which helps patients access services in health centers, says that they have recorded cases of absenteeism of health workers whenever they link patients to the facility.

She says the delay to access treatment discourages other patients from observing routine medical visits.

//Cue in: “Noso Kugenda Hairyaro...

Cue out: “… watunga obuhereza.”//

Lydia Musoki a clinical officer at Hima Health Center III says that they are understaffed to attend to all patients.

//Cue in: “Like in ART… 

 Cue out: “…we are understaffed.”//

Musoke also says that the facility is struggling with lack of accommodation which poses a challenge to their performance. She says that the health workers trek longer distances to their duty stations, which affects their work.

 //Cue in: “We are only… 

 Cue out: “…waiting for you.”//

 Yusuf Baseke the Kasese District Health Officer says the district plans to recruit more staff in the health department to deal with staff shortage.

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