Hoima Municipal Garbage Collectors Protest Non Payment of Salary

The over 50 garbage collectors argue that they have spent three months without any pay yet they have families to take care of.
Some of the Hoima Municipal Garbage collectors who are protesting nonpayment and poor working condition. These were found on Monday Morning working without Gloves and other protective materials.

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Garbage collectors in Hoima Municipality are protesting the non-payment of their salaries and poor working conditions.

The over 50 garbage collectors argue that they have spent three months without any pay yet they have families to take care of.

According to records, there is salary disparity among the garbage collectors with female collectors earning 110, 000 shillings per month while the male garbage collectors earn 140,000 shillings. 

They further accuse the authorities for forcing them to work without protective gears such as gloves, gumboots and overalls.  

Beatrice Kiiza, one of the garbage collectors says that she has spent three months without pay.

She says that collecting garbage without any protective gear puts their lives in danger of contracting diseases and being cut by sharp objects.

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Sarapiyo Mugisa,  another garbage collector says at times they are forced to handle faecal matter with their bare hands as they collect garbage due to lack of gloves on top of their delayed salary. He says despite several pleas to have their working conditions improved, the Municipality officials have kept a deaf ear.

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Patrick Musinguzi, who is demanding 600,000 shillings, says that when he approached the municipal authorities demanding for his payment for the last four months, he was dragged to police and arrested for inciting violence.

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David Kyasanku, the Municipal town clerk, however, says that despite being cash strapped, the municipality recently released money for payment of the causal labourers. He however says declined to reveal how much.

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Kahoora Division, which comprises the central business area, is the biggest generator of solid waste in Hoima district. Some of the key waste generators include the abattoir, the central market, restaurants, hotels, schools, factories and other processing units in Kiryatete industrial area.