Hoima Residents Protest as Fuel Prices Hit All-time High

A driver stranded at Total petrol station along Hoima-Fortportal road in Hoima city after he was told by the pump attendants that there they had run shortage of fuel.Photo by Emmanuel Okello.

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Residents in Hoima are protesting the skyrocketing fuel prices.

The prices went up again on Thursday to an all-time high of 10,000 Shillings a litre of petrol, from 4,590 Shillings while diesel prices went as high as 7,000 Shillings. In Kampala, petrol is now selling between 4700 and 5500 Shillings a litre.

The situation was tense by Friday morning as most fuel stations reported that they had run out of fuel forcing the prices to escalate further. Only one petrol station situated in Kiryatete in Hoima West division had fuel in Hoima by Friday morning and here, a litre of petrol was selling at 12,000 and diesel at 8,000 Shillings.

A pump attendant at Stabex fuel station who spoke to URN on condition of anonymity explains that theY ran out of fuel on Thursday afternoon. Another pump attendant at Total petrol station who also spoke to URN on condition of anonymity noted that at their station, fuel got finished on Thursday evening at around 9 p.m, a situation which has left motor vehicle and motorcycle owners stranded.

Meanwhile, transport fares within the city have also quadrupled in some places, while it has gone up fivefold in others. Transport from Hoima business centre to Kinubi, a city suburb is now 5,000 Shillings up from 1,000 Shillings a day ago, and from Kibingo cell to Hoima City centre charges are now at 6,000 up from 1,000 Shillings, while transport from Bujumbura in Hoima East division to Hoima business centre is costing 5,000 Shillings up from 1,000.       

Benon Ahebwa, a resident of Kiryatete, a Hoima suburb wonders why fuel prices should only be hiked in Hoima yet other districts in the region are selling at 4,590 Shillings. He wants the government to intervene and investigate fuel station owners in the area.

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Godfrey Sebuufu, a bodaboda cyclist at the All Saints Church stage says that he has been compelled to abandon his motorcycle due to the skyrocketing fuel prices yet he has a loan to service. He questioned how much fuel Uganda has in the fuel reserves and how long the reserve can push the country. 

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Micheal Bombo, a bodaboda rider at Supreme stage says he was shocked when he went to fuel his motorcycle at Kiryatete fuel station and he was told that a litre was at 12,000 up from 4,590 Shillings.

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Rogers Kahumuza, a bodaboda cyclist at Post bank stage says the situation has compelled them to hike their transport fares. He says transporting a passenger from Hoima business centre to Kinubi that used to be at 2,000 Shillings is now costing 5,000 Shillings.

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Mbabazi Muhereza another resident explains that the current condition is unbearable adding that the skyrocketing fuel prices could lead to an increase in the cost of other goods.

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Beatrce Kyaligonza, a resident of Kigorobya sub county says fuel is a major driver in the economy adding that if the situation persists it could lead to an increase in the different commodity prices and other necessities.

Between October and November last year, the pump price for petrol skyrocketed from Shillings 3,900 to shillings 4,600 while diesel increased from 3,500 to shillings 4,200. The situation compelled members of parliament to task the government to explain to the public the reason behind the skyrocketing fuel prices across the country.