Hold NRM Leaders Accountable, Opondo tells Journalists

Ofwono Opondo (in black T shirt) stresses a point during the Press briefing as Boniface Alion and Yovan Adriko the NRM Parliamentary Flag bearer for Vurra look on.

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The Government Spokesperson and Director Uganda Media Center Ofwono Opondo has urged Journalists in West Nile to help government by making its leaders account for time and resources. 

Addressing Journalists at Desert Breeze Hotel in Arua on Sunday, Ofwono told Journalists that its only through the works of Journalists that the vice of corruption can be fought. Citing district local councils, which are largely dominated by NRM leaders, Ofwono said though government has delivered flagship projects in most regions, NRM leaders at local governments have failed their mandate of monitoring and ensuring projects are implemented.

Ofwono’s appeal comes when many of the political leaders in Arua and West Nile have gone independent in their bid for re-election after they lost in the NRM primary elections. 

“Put a spotlight on how the NRM councils implement development plans and we urge you the media to hold these NRM people and leaders accountable,” Opondo told the Journalists. 

According to Ofwono, who is traversing the Country to rally support for the ruling NRM candidates in the coming elections and document complaints from the public about the government, there is potential election acrimony and violence if the pending issues of corruption, and anger in people are not addressed.

// Cue in; I want to appeal to.…// Cue out; future of Uganda…. //

But according to Boniface Alioni the NRM Publicist Arua, many developments have been achieved under the NRM regime which not only calls for appreciation but ought to be embraced by all Ugandans   

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According to civil society reports in West Nile most achievements realized over the years derive their origin mainly from trade within and across the border. A score card recently released on the performance of local government leaders indicates that a negligible number of leaders own and embrace government projects under their supervision, the reason some opinions say caused the massive defeat of incumbent NRM leaders in the recent primary elections.