The Role of Four Mak Staff in Marks Alteration

Dr. Deus Kamunyu Muhwezi, the Chairperson Makerere University Academic Staff Association, says the lecturer body is cautious about the integrity of the institutions degrees.
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Makerere University sacked four senior staff early this month for allegedly altering student's marks. It was the unanimous decision of the University Appointments Board to fire the affected staff.


They are Dr. Isaac Okullo, the Deputy Principal of the College of Health Sciences, Dr. Rose Chalo Nabirye-the Dean of the School of Health Sciences, Fatuma Nakatudde-the Deputy College Registrar and Paul Apunyo, a senior Administrative Assistant.


Our reporter tried to establish the role of each staff in marks scam. The appointments board found Fatuma Nakatudde who was two years from retiring guilty of incompetence and failure to efficiently to perform her duties contrary to Section 5.7 (5) of the Makerere University Human Resources Manual, of 2009. 



According to Andrew Abunyang, the Director Human Resources Makerere University, Nakatudde "irresponsibly and without due regard to accuracy, compiled a list of students for the award of the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy on the February 2017 list to the Academic Registrar."

She was also accused of intentionally including and submitting the name of Rogers Mushabe, who didn't merit in the February 2017 graduation list, an act that injured the image and status of Makerere University.

Investigations by the university show that during awkward hours, outside the normal working hours, Nakatudde with authority accessed Makerere University Examinations Result System on March 11th 2010 and altered entries in respect of Rogers Mushabe.

It was also noted that Nakatudde accessed the same system on February 26th 2010 in a similar manner and altered entries of Alex Madile. The board found Nakatudde guilty of forgery and falsifying information in breach of the prescribed operating rules, non-adherence to university policies and professional and ethical misconduct.


Paul Apunyo, a senior Administrative Assistant was also found guilty of similar offenses. The board also found Dr. Rose Chalo Nabirye and Dr. Isaac Okullo guilty of incompetence and failure to perform their duties efficiently.



The duo was faulted for failing to raise the red flag and bring to the attention of any university authority to the anomaly while serving as deans. It is alleged that the two administrators were notified about the irregular inclusion of Rogers Mushabe on the graduation list for February 2017 for the award of the Degree of Pharmacy but chose to keep quiet. 


The Appointments Board at its 575th meeting on October 5, 2018 considered all evidence adduced against the two administrators and weighted them against their defenses and found them guilty. 

Dr. Nabirye was directed to revert to her position as Senior Lecturer in the Department of Nursing and asked to vacate the office of the dean while Dr. Okullo was asked to revert to his position as a Senior Lecturer, Department of Dentistry. 

Following their suspension, the Academic Registrar Alfred Masikye Namoah directed Peter Kayondo, the Information Technology expert in the Academic Registrar's office on October 12, 2018 to deactivate them from the results management system.

Dr. Deus Kamunyu Muhwezi, the Chairperson Makerere University Academic Staff Association, says the lecturer body is "cautious" about the integrity of the institution's degrees. 

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Dr. Kamunyu says they want to know whether the decision taken against the staff was not done maliciously for political gains by some administrators. 

He says the MUASA college of Health Sciences representative is compiling information regarding the affected members, which will be discussed.

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