Death Toll from Kasese Fighting Surges to 40

By this morning security officials had put the number to approximately 40. This number includes police officers, royal guards and civilians.
Police patrol Kagando trading centre
The number of people killed in the latest fighting in Kasese continues to rise although the official figure remains unclear. 

By this morning security officials had put the number at approximately 40. This includes police officers, royal guards and civilians. 

Amos Nsamba,  the Rwenzori region army spokesperson says that they don't have the exact figures, because they are still compiling the list of casualties. He explains that the number could be higher.

"We don't have the exact number of people killed. Some killings happened in remote areas and our tally centre is yet to record the numbers," Nsamba said.

Nsamba however confirmed that ten police officers were killed in the fighting. 

The officers were killed in Kisinga, Maliba,  Ibanda and Bwesumbu Sub Counties. He also said the police vehicle belonging to Vincent Mwesigye,  the DPC Bwera Division was burnt to ashes by the royal guards, who were guarding a cultural site in Kagando village. 

There were also deaths of royal guards reported in Ibanda, Bwesumbu and Kagando villages.

Kasese was a scene of running battles yesterday as Police and UPDF mounted an operation against people suspected to be involved in attacks in Rwenzori sub region.  Most of the activity was at the administrative offices of Obusinga bwa Rwenzururu, where royal guards put a spirited fight against the joint government forces.

The crackdown came two days after an operation in Kamabale, Kabarole district where a militia was reported to have established a training camp. Eight people were killed at the start of the operation on Thursday.

At the camp of the attackers, the army recovered an identity card belonging to a royal guard identified only as Mbusa. The army also recovered a list of 300 trainees and their telephone contacts during the operation in Karangura.

In a telephone interview, the Rwenzori East Police Spokesperson, Sowed Mansur said the army and police are investigating if the youth who had set up a training camp in Karangura have any links to the royal guards attached to Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu.

Meanwhile presence of army is still visible in Kasese town. The army has also been deployed heavily at Kigoro, Rukoki, Nyakasanga, Hima police posts and at the main police station in Kasese town. Many shops in the town also remain closed.

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