Mbabazi Excites Fishermen with Personalised Speed Boat

Mbabazi personally cruised the speed boat to Kyamuswa landing site, one of the hard to reach areas in the island district.
27 Dec 2015 09:39
Amama Mbabazi cruising his luxerious boat to connect to Islands in Kalangala. This modern boat eased his transport in Kalangala.

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Independent Presidential candidate, Amama Mbabazi excited fishermen in Kalangala on Thursday, when he showed up with a personalised speed boat, an indication that he planned well ahead for his campaigns.  Mbabazi personally cruised the speed boat to Kyamuswa landing site, one of the hard to reach areas in the island district.

The speed boat was manufactured by O\'neil speed boats in the United States of America. Although it takes the Police Fibre speed boat about one and half hours to connect to Kyamuswa from Entebbe, Mbabazi\'s speed boat only took forty minutes to dock at Kitobo landing site in Kyamuswa County. 

The fishermen flashed the Go-Forward sign when Mbabazi arrived at the landing site as some of them moved to inspect the speed boat. After addressing fishermen at Kyamuswa, Mbabazi asked Medard Lubega Ssegona, the Busiro East MP and his Masaka Municipality counterpart Mathias Mpuuga to join him in his speed boat and sped off to Kyagalanyi landing site on the main Bugala Island.

Both Mpuuga and Ssegona told Uganda Radio Network later that they were surprised how sophisticated their presidential candidate is. According to Ssegona, initially he thought Mbabazi hired the speed boat, but when he entered it, he realised it was a personalized boat.

According to Mpuuga, they navigated the lake at a very high speed, which is a sign of Mbabazi\'s experience. Mpuuga said Mbabazi is extremely prepared for his campaign.

// Cue in: “Certainly I was shocked…

Cue out: …from the regime.”//

Addressing fishermen at Kalangala, Mbabazi said it was a shame that individuals can afford modern boats yet government ferries and ships to facilitate transport to several Islands in Kalangala. He told that fishermen, that once elected he will buy modern ships and ferries to connect to isolated Islands like Nkose, Nkese and Kyamuswa County. 

Currently, people on the 83 out of the 84 islands in Kalangala rely on canoes and hired speed boats for transport. There are two ferries connecting from Bukakata in Masaka to Bugoma landing site in Kalangala town council.

John Opiro, of Kalangala Infrustructure Services limited, which operates MV pearl and MV Ssese says they only have an agreement to operate on the Bugala, the main Island. MV Kalangala connects from Entebbe to Lutoboka Island landing in Kalangala town council.