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Hundreds Flee from Kenya :: Uganda Radionetwork

Hundreds Flee from Kenya

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Hundreds of Kenyan refugees have fled into eastern Uganda to escape the on going post election violence.

The refugees mainly of Kikuyu ethnicity have crossed the border and are now settled in Manafwa, Busia and Tororo districts.

Damiano Wahata, the LC5 Councilor for Bumoni sub-county in Manafwa district says more than 300 Kikuyus yesterday crossed and settled in Rwakaka on the Ugandan side of the border.

The refugees mainly from Chebukubwe in Mt. Elgon district say they fled after their homes were torched down.

20 businessmen from Cheptai trading center in Kenya also crossed this morning into Bumbo sub-county, Manafwa district after their shops were torched down over night.

In Tororo, hundreds have taken refugee in two primary schools in Tororo County.

George Abaho, the Tororo District Police Commander says the number of Kenyan refugees who are crossing the border into the district have been rising in hundreds since yesterday.

Abaho says some of those who are crossing are injured and are being treated by non-governmental organizations.

Uganda and Kenyan police chiefs held a security meeting at the Busia border this morning to discuss the security at the border.

Isaac Amanya, the Busia District Police Commander says the meeting was intended to find ways of countering a group of hooligans who are ransacking shops in Kenya and cross to hide in Uganda.

Meanwhile, the usually busy Busia border crossing was open this morning but with no traffic flow.

Violence flared up in Kenya following the disputed presidential elections which was won by incumbent president Mwai Kibaki.