"I am being Hounded by Corrupt Public Officials," Soroti CAO says

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The Soroti Chief Administrative Officer, George William Omuge, claims that a number of corrupt officials in his district are working to remove him from office because of his work in actively fighting the vice.
Omuge says that if he is pushed any further, he will not hesitate to name those involved in the theft and abuse of public funds. He alleges that several people are holding regular meetings to plan his removal from office in Soroti and that when the time is right, he will come public with the names involved in the massive corruption in the district.
Asked why he does not act now to expose the corrupt, Omuge says his hands are tied by the fact that he is still a part of the system. He however promises that as soon as he is granted the opportunity to leave service in Soroti he will expose those officials who habitually steal public funds and frustrate government's delivery of services.
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Omuge says that in the meantime, he is not keeping silent about the corruption. He discloses that he recently suspected a district official after substantial evidence was gathered on the fact that he had swindled large amounts of the Northern Uganda Social Action Fund.