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“I will Crush the Corrupt” -Museveni :: Uganda Radionetwork

“I will Crush the Corrupt” -Museveni

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"If they do not stop; and with evidence, we shall deal with them," said Museveni.
06 Jun 2024 17:35
President Yoweri Museveni delivers his State of Nation Address to Parliament at Kololo Independence Grounds.

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President Museveni says public servants and political leaders that steal Government money are corrupt and will be crushed.  

“I have been getting good information about corrupt actors among the public servants but also among the political actors. With some evidence, we shall crust these traitors” Museveni threatened. 

In his State of the Nation Address at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds, Museveni said the politicians were part of groups perpetrating graft in the country.

This is the first time President Museveni has spoken about corruption in parliament following media reports.  Allegations about the abuse of public funds in Parliament led the UK and the U.S. governments to sanction the speaker of Parliament Anita Among and two former ministers. 

Anita Annet Among, Goreti Kitutu, and Agnes Nandutu were accused of stealing iron sheets meant for Karamoja. Goreti Kitutu and Agnes Nandutu are being tried in court. Museveni in a mini cabinet reshuffle sacked the two former ministers for Karamoja.       

“As part of fighting corruption, it is crucial to save the amateurish political actors who come into politics without knowing that leading people does not mean carrying them on your head. It means that you show them the way,” says Museveni. 

He said the other source of corruption has been the fundraising that is born mainly by opportunistic politicians. 

“Over-anxious to please parts of their electorate, by pledging money for those fund-raisings that they do not have. We are due to meet to resolve this diversion”

Museveni also said other actors get bribes from foreigners to work for foreign interests. “These are both corrupt and traitors and we are monitoring their activities. If they do not stop; and with evidence, we shall deal with them” said Museveni whose political opponents have been accused of holding the corrupt softly.

He further observed that the situation of the inexperienced, careerist-minded leaders who do not listen to the advice of the NRM is further complicated by the bloodthirsty parasites in the form of the unregulated money lenders who charge extortionate interest rates from these desperate political actors.

“I have already directed the Minister of Finance to cap the interest rates chargeable by money lenders. The inflation rate in Uganda is 3%. Why should the commercial Banks charge 20% interest?” Museveni asked. 

The President expressed concerns about the high interest rates by moneylenders and microfinance institutions. He said the Parish Development Model (PDM) and Emyooga funds will soon become the poor people’s banks with annual interest rates of 12% or less after 24 months.  

“I have already directed the Attorney – General to guide the Minister of Finance as to how he can criminalize this extortion” he revealed.      

Museveni happy with Among and Tayebwa at Parliament.   

“I want to salute the Speaker, the Deputy Speaker, and the NRM MPs. In the past, there was a risky and shallow tendency by some actors that would try to use Parliament to undermine the Ugandan Revolution, which is part of the African Revolution. This, of course, was a miscalculation that was provocative but we managed to handle it peacefully,” he said.

////Cue In “I want to salute the speaker….

. Cue Out…harmoniously with the executive ”///

Museveni went to speak about the sanctions slapped at Anita Among. “ I’m told some of the foreigners are saying that Anita Among because she doesn’t undermine the executive she is not a good speaker because she should be okulemesa gavumenti, very risky miscalculation ”    

The President suggested that there should be a distinction and dishonest people when it comes to fighting corruption. He said dishonesty is the worst.     

////Cue In “But making mistakes   

Cue Out …… it is betrayal”////

“Those mistake-makers, we can counsel them and show them how to do things. Because if we punish all the mistake-makers, we shall have nobody to work with. Because they do not know what to do, they do not listen. There are so many languages, this one is saying this, this one is saying that” explained Museveni   However, there were murmurs in the audience disagreeing with him.

Corruption in Parliament

Museveni said that he has evidence that accounting officers at various ministries have been colluding with some MPS to get approval for funds which they later share. ,

“ I have been hearing but now I have proof. I have been hearing that from the Ministry of Finance, they arrange with accounting officers of ministries to come to parliament. Working with some people there, to provide certain funds provided you take a share. I didn’t believe it but now I have proof”

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