IGG: We Need Total Independence

Mulyagonja says that the policy, which mandates one institution to represent another creates confusion.

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Irene Mulyagonja, the Inspector General of Government has called for total independence of the Inspectorate if it is to execute its mandate efficiently. Mulyagonja says currently, the Inspectorate of Government is undermined by other institutions of government, which has become a big challenge.


While appearing before the legal and parliamentary affairs committee, Mulyagonja said courts have on several times overturned the decisions of the Inspectorate, yet it can only be represented by the Attorney General, who can’t ably articulate their issues.

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Mulyagonja says that the policy, which mandates one institution to represent another creates confusion. She cited a case in which Uganda Development Bank, dragged the Attorney General to court recently to challenge the intervention of the Inspectorate of Government into the alleged mismanagement of a loan application from Savannah commodities limited.


The MPs concurred with the IGG saying the Inspectorate can only efficiently execute its mandate if it becomes an autonomous corporate body and gets the powers to sue and to be sued in its own name. Wilfred Niwagaba, the Ndorwa East MP said the Inspectorate will continue facing challenges as long as it is still dependent on other institutions, will always continue undermining its role.


Abdu Katuntu, the Bugweri county MP and shadow Attorney General said that the inspectorate has no mandate if it cannot defend its decision, whenever they are challenged in court. Katuntu argued that the office of the attorney General should not be defending the decisions of the Inspectorate of Government because most times the two institutions do not agree professionally.

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The MPs asked the IGG to draft and forward a proposal to parliament for consideration, which they pledged to support. She said the Inspectorate of Government has already come up with a draft on the proposed amendment to IGG act, saying they will forward it to the parliamentary council. Katuntu suggested that the Inspectorate sends copy of the report to the committee for discussion.