IGG's Office Facing Acute Shortage of Staff

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The Inspectorate of Government is over stretched because of the limited staff.

The inspectorate has about 300 members of staff.

Raphael Baku, the Inspector General of Government says that because of the inadequate number of staff the inspectorate is unable to investigate sufficiently all cases of corruption.

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Additionally Baku says that the Inspectorate is poorly equipped. He says the inspectorate lacks equipment that can aid investigations.

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Cue Out#need computersi

He says that the Inspectorate has already started computerizing its departments to easy communication with the regional offices.

But Professor Augustus Nuwagaba of Reev Consults believes the Inspectorate is well facilitated to investigate corruption cases.

Nuwagaba claims that what is lacking is the political will to fight corruption.

He says urges Ugandans to rise and resist corruption which is embedded in the public sector.