Independents Outnumber Party Candidates in Bududa

The Woman MP Seat has attracted 4 candidates who are Khainza Justin Mukuwa of NRM facing Khainza Agnes Shiuma, Agnes Nandutu, and Esther Wetsetse all Independents.
NUP Candidate Nominated in Bududa

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Out of the 19 candidates nominated to run for seats in Bududa district 13 of them are running as independents.


Majority of these failed to make it in the recently concluded National Resistance Movement Primaries.   Bududa district has three constituencies namely: Manjiya, Lutseshe and Bushigayi.   


Now, only six candidates in all these three constituencies are running party tickets, the bulk being independents.


The Woman MP Seat has attracted 4 candidates who are Khainza Justin Mukuwa of NRM facing Khainza Agnes Shiuma, Agnes Nandutu,  and Esther Wetsetse - all Independents.  

While Manjiya County Constituency has the National Unity Platform’s John Baptist Nambeshe and NRM’s Mukhobeh Moses Khaukha, they are facing Hussein Matanda Kaato and Jackson Matsanga who are running as Independents.    

In Bushigai County Constituency, the race has Wakikona David Wandendeya of NRM and FDC’s Wamboko Patrick Kituno, facing Wilson Watila, Phillip Namukowa and Job Khatondi all Independent candidates.


While in Lusteshe County Constituency Isaac Modoi of NRM faces off with NUP’s Robert Masika, their oppenents are Watenga Godfrey Nabutanyi, Wekosesa Micheal, Moses Bikala Mukuwa and Wilson Nabwokye all Independents.


Asked why she made a comeback after the primaries, Agnes Nandutu the aspiring candidate for Bududa woman Member of Parliament told our reporter that she was dissatisfied with the outcomes of the primaries which were categorized with rigging and allowing children below 18 years to vote.


She said instead of petitioning, she has made a comeback for the public court to judge.   

//Cue in “These were nursery election……   

Cue out:...we were in dreams actually”// 


Bududa which has always heavilly supported NRM has this time registered two MPs on the young NUP ticket, and with most of the candidates running as independents, something that will most likely  lower the ruling party's score in the district in the 2021 elections. 


Ronald Nsereko, the Bududa district Returning officer commended the candidates for the discipline they exhibited during the nominations saying there were no processions. He thus asked them to maintain the spirit even during the scientific campaigns. 


Meanwhile, the Mbale District parliamentary race has attracted 23 candidates and thirteen of these are running as independents.

Soobi Musuya of NRM, Judith Kakai of National Unity Platform, FDC's Phiona Nandudu, are facing Miriam Mukhaye, Susan Nandutu and Aisha Lunyolo who are running as independents for the Woman Member of Parliament.

In Bungokho County Constituency, the race has attracted 5 candidates who include Robert Wandwasi of National Resistance Movement, Daniel Nakhale of Forum for Democratic Change, to face Geofrey Wokuri, David Washale, Benard Masaba Mujasi Elly all independents.

While the Bungokho County Central Seat has also attracted 5 candidates including NRM's Richard Wanda, Anthony Eddy Wanamama of the FDC and Guyson Nangayi of the Allaiance for National Transformation, Andrew Mauso and Erick Estephen Mukwana are running as independents.

The Bungokho County North Seat has however attracted seven candidates including NRM's John Faith Magolo and FDC's James Wambende, who have to face Independents Abudallah Naleka, Shafiga Wanyenya, Moses Wambende, Yahaya Gudoi and Sam Mubajje.


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