Inmate Bed Ridden, Claims Torture

He can neither walk nor sit up. According to Agaba he was involved in a motor accident in 2006, which ruptured his backbone.
Martin Agaba on his hospital bed at Masaka Regional Referral Hospital
28-year-old Martin Agaba, a resident of Kiruhura district is bed ridden at Masaka Regional Referral Hospital after he was allegedly tortured at Masaka central prison. Agaba who was remanded to Masaka central prison four months ago, for alleged defilement is nursing a rotten back. He can neither walk nor sit up. According to Agaba he was involved in a motor accident in 2006, which ruptured his backbone.


He explains that doctors barred him from carrying engaging in any heavy works because his bones had become weak. Agaba says that on his arrest, he was put under house arrest for four months but later transferred to Masaka central prison. He says that while in prison he was exposed to several forms of torture by prison warders, who also sometimes ordered his fellow inmates to subject him to corporal punishment.


Agaba claims that he would be ordered to lift 4 jerrycans of water at once failure of which would result in corporal punishment. He claims that on several occasions he was also made to split big logs of fire wood, despite explaining his backbone problem to the warders. Agaba claims that the warders also took away his medical report to deny him a chance to get proper medical attention, which exposed him to serious complications.


The defilement suspect has spent about four weeks cuffed on his bed at Masaka regional hospital. Agaba told URN early this week that he is going through hard times as he has no caretaker to help him change sleeping positions whenever the need arises. He says the warder instructed to watch over him is only interested in preventing his escape but not his life.


Agaba claims that the prison department also scared away his relatives who had come to look after him, when they were threatened with arrest. Dr. Robert Wagoda, a surgeon in charge of Agaba says that he was delivered to them in very bad shape. He believes that suspect to have been involved in heavy work which dislocated his back bone joints.


Wagoda explains that since Agaba is on a secondary infection because of failure to abide by the health precautions it may take him along time to walk again. He however, says that they are doing everything possible to save his life. Joshua Aniite, who was deployed to watch over the suspect, says that they can’t remove the handcuffs because is facing a capital offense.


He says that they are also waiting for his date to appearance before court to determine his fate. Aniite declined to comment on the torture allegations made by the suspect and referred our reporter to his bosses who were not available by the time of filing this story.


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