Investigations into Bank Robberies Continue

17 Oct 2008 14:56

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Preliminary investigations into the bank robberies that hit Kampala in the recent months show that most of these robberies are fuelled by insider connivance.
More than 200 billion shillings has been robbed in separate bank robberies in Kampala.
In June, Crane Bank came into the limelight for a fraud scam involving Ugandan security officers serving in Iraq. Three security guards claimed that Crane Bank defrauded them of 35 million shillings.
In September, bank of Baroda in Kampala was robbed of 320 million shillings. Two private security guards put employees of Bank of Baroda at gun point and stole the money.
Early this month, Two Bank officials at Stanbic Bank Masaka Branch were sacked for fraud. Richard Bwire, the bank supervisor, is alleged to have connived with some people to fraudulently withdraw money from customer's accounts.
In yet another bigger scam, police foiled a robbery at Stanbic Bank, Garden city branch that if successful would have seen the robbery of close to 10 billion shillings. Police described this particular incident as a sophisticated scheme that involved tampering with the bank's network system.
Simeo Nsubuga, the police spokesman says that in all these cases, it is evident that
Workers are conniving with robbers by providing vital information that would otherwise be considered confidential.
Police are also investigating cases of impersonation by different people, aided by bank officials to with draw money using fake ATM cards.
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In Cairo Bank, a security guard who connived with conmen to destroy an ATM machine using a gas cylinder was arrested and investigations are underway.
Nsubuga says that police have also found out that several bank officials are ripping millions from their unsuspecting clients by supplying bank details to conmen.