Investment Authority Lures More Ugandans Abroad to do Business at Home

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For the third year in a row, the Uganda Investment Authority organized a special business summit for Ugandans in the Diaspora. The summit, held in Kampala, is intended to expose Ugandans abroad to the numerous business opportunities available to them at home.
John Musajjakawa, Senior Investment Officer at the Uganda Investment Authority, says the program has increased people's confidence about the viability of starting businesses in the country. He says the Diaspora is investing in all manner of sectors like hotels and tourism services, schools, housing and healthcare.
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Stephen Ochola, the proprietor of Woodstone Developments, is one of many Ugandans returning to invest their money in the country. His company searches for commercial and residential real estate, and looks for partners to invest in the development.
Woodstone's first project is the construction of an apartment building on Mutungo Hill.
Ochola says he was able to find a partner, Real Design Limited, through the Investment Authority network.
The Investment Authority is also using the summit to encourage Ugandans with unique skills to share their knowledge and ideas with the rest of the country.
Daniel Kazibwe worked as policeman in Britain for 20 years. He says that with his experience, he intends to provide consultancy services to improve the Uganda Police Force, particularly in the area of traffic control.
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