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Iteso Cultural Union Mourns Death of Founding Member :: Uganda Radionetwork

Iteso Cultural Union Mourns Death of Founding Member

Omome, the former ICU Premier and Minister died at Soroti Regional Referral Hospital on Friday.
Vanancio Vance Omome
The Iteso Cultural Union- ICU is mourning the death of one of its founding members, Vanancio Vance Akipileng Omome. Omome, the former ICU Premier and Minister died at Soroti Regional Referral Hospital on Friday.

“The late was one of the founding fathers of ICU and braved the thick and thin to remain in service of the institution until his death. He was the truce oracle of the ethos and values of the Iteso and dedicated leader of his clan, the Ikaruwok Ikiriwo,” an obituary shared by Constantine Okwi, the ICU Spokesman reads in part. 

Okwi said that while Omome was serving as a founder member, minister, and prime minister in the ICU, he dug deep into his strength to also serve as the representative of the people of Amuria in the ICU Council.

According to Okwi, the late Omome was a champion of Iteso protection when he offered his home to house several displaced people from Amuria district during the insurgency in the late 1980s and 1990s in Soroti. Okwi adds that Omome then provided his shop in Soroti as a coordinating office for advocacy, reconciliation, and collaboration to harmonize the view of the central government with that of the leaders of Teso.

“A giant has fallen, whose shoes may only be preserved but never filled,” the obituary reads at the bottom.

During the ICU transition woes after the death of the first Emorimor, Augustine Osuban Lemukol Adugala, Omome was one of the pillars who oversaw the installation of Paul Sande Emolot as Emorimor.

He is one of the few Ministers in Osuban’s cabinet who came out open to criticize their boss for allegedly deviating from the agreed principles in the ICU establishments. 

When Soroti High Court issued orders barring the current Emorimor and his top leaders from conducting any cultural activities pending a Court decision on a case where another ICU founding member sued the institution, Omome, who was serving as ICU premier in Emolot protested the decision on grounds that they had been fair hearing.

However, Omome in November 2023 tendered his resignation as ICU Premier when the Court opened room for negotiations between Emorimor Paul Sande Emolot and the rival camp of ICU founder members led by William Alloch.

His resignation was based on the alleged administrative hiccups and financial matters which he faulted on his boss, Emolot, the reigning Emorimor.