Jinja Collapsed Building: Developers Used Substandard Materials

The communications manager of the National Building Review Board-NRBC, Herbert Zziwa says that lack of supervision provided an opportunity for the developer to deviate from the original construction plans.
Officials seen inspecting the rubble.

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The National Building Review Board-NBRB has said that preliminary findings indicate that the Speke Courts extension building collapsed largely due to poor quality construction materials and lack of supervision.

The two-floor building still under construction collapsed on Monday night. Eyewitnesses say that the building collapsed at around 7:00 PM while casual laborers were finalizing their day’s duty.

Engineers and architects from NBRB visited the site to ascertain the circumstances under which it collapsed.

The communications manager of NBRB, Herbert Zziwa says that the lack of supervision provided an opportunity for the developer to deviate from the original construction plans.

Zziwa notes that construction materials at the site were falsified and instead of using the recommended 16 mm size iron bars, they instead opted for the 12 mm, which overwhelmed the building with excess weight, causing it to collapse.

“When you clearly study the architectural designs, the developer was instructed to use eight pieces of 16 mm size iron bars in some of the columns, however, he instead opted for four pieces of 12 mm size, so we saw a gap between what was on the drawings and the actual implementation on the ground, which overtime resulted into the collapse of the building,” he says.

Zziwa also cites low amounts of cement in the concrete mixture at both the foundation and different beam levels, which in the long weakened the building’s holding spaces, causing it to collapse on the ground.

Zziwa adds that they have extracted samples from the rubble, which shall be subjected to further analysis before releasing a conclusive report to the public.

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The Acting Jinja City Clerk, Moses Lorika notes that the developer commenced construction works without clearance from the Jinja city’s building control committee, making their activities illegal.

On Tuesday, Police cleared the hotel to proceed with their operations after the incident.

The Kiira regional police spokesperson, James Mubi, said that a team of police personnel from the fire and rescue services department assessed the situation and confirmed that, the debris had no danger to the neighboring facilities.

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