Lack of Street Lights Fuelling Crime in Jinja

Petty thieves are taking advantage of the cover of darkness to waylay road users in the night, break into houses and assault unsuspecting individuals.

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The absence of street lighting in Jinja Municipality continues to pose a serious security threat to residents, Apollo Kateeba, the acting District Police Commander says.

Petty thieves are taking advantage of the cover of darkness to waylay road users, break into houses and assault unsuspecting individuals. 

He listed roads in old Boma village, Elgon and Nile Avenues, Gabula road, Mvule village, Magwa crescent, Zabef village in Walukuba/Masese division and Makenke in Mpumudde/Kimaka are the new havens for criminals. 

Kateeba says the trend threatens the success recorded in reducing crime rates since the beginning of the year across the three divisions of Mpumudde/Kimaka, Walukuba/Masese and Jinja Central division. He says crime rates had been reduced by at least 70 %.

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Under the Local Government Act, local authorities have a duty to maintain street lighting through funding generated from local revenues. 

But Zein Abdallah, a Councillor for Magwa parish at Jinja Central Division says Jinja municipality has accumulated electricity bills amounting to over 100 million Shillings.

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But Grace Kirya, the LC2 Chairman blames the absence of street lights on delays in remitting 10% of generated revenues to the parish and lack of enough street lighting poles.

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David Kyasanku, Jinja Municipality Town Clerk says the electricity bill in arrears is being offset gradually and the street lights also replaced.