Jinja Fishmongers in Brisk Dried Fish Bones Exports to DRC

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Fishmongers in Jinja are making brisk business in the export of dried fish bones locally known as mugongo wazzi to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The fish bones are rejects from the factories that pack fish fillets.

Magidu Magumba the Chairman of the Fish bones dealers on Masese landing site says that they export about 40 tones of fish bones to Congo every week.

Alice Namatovu, who joined the business in 2005, says that she earns over 1.9 million shillings every week from the fish bones export.

Namatovu says that she buys a kilo of the fish bones between 520 and 650 shillings which she later sells at 1600 shillings in Bwera or Mpondwe boarder post where they are on high demand.

Annette Nalumansi, who deals in the fish bones at Rippon Landing sites, says that the business has helped her to look after her family.

She says that the business is not without its own challenges.

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According to Nalumansi the fish bone prices are determined by the exporters who are times offer very little to the suppliers.

Additionally she says that they are heavily taxed by the sub county which reduces on their profit margin.

According to the revised fish act, all people dealing in fish products are expected to pay between 250,000 and 1 million Uganda shillings.

Magidu Magumba the Chairperson of the fish bones dealers says that although they are taxed heavily the district has failed to allocate them space to operate their business.