Jinja Municipality Enforces Counter Terrorism by-Law in Parks

In June 2012, Jinja Municipality passed a by- law to counter terrorism in the Taxi and bus parks

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Jinja municipality has started enforcing a by-law to counter the terror threats in taxi and bus parks. In June 2012, Jinja Municipality passed a by- law to counter terrorism in the Taxi and bus parks. Under the by-law, all the taxis and buses operating in the parks are expected to have metal detectors, which are used to search luggage and travelers for explosives.


The decision to enforce the by- laws follows complaints by members of the public about abandoned luggage in the parks. Betty Musenero, a trader in Jinja central market says that they decided to petition Jinja municipality and police to tighten the counter terrorism measures after noticing an increase in the cases of abandoned luggage.


She explains that they were worried that terrorists could take advantage of the security lapse to blow up the taxi park. Meddy Sekilime, Welfare Officer Jinja Taxi Operators Association – JITOA says that they expect owners of all commercial vehicles to buy metal detectors for their cars. He says that they also intend to install Closed Circuit Television Cameras at all the entrances to the park to monitor movements within the park.

Sekilime says that they have set September 15, as the deadline for all vehicle owners to comply with the by-law.

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Abubakar Maganda, the Jinja Municipal council speaker says that the new law was passed to enforce public order and safety in the town. Abdullah Mpanuka, Jinja police community liaison officer says all taxi drivers and owners have been sensitized on the importance of buying the detectors and to work with police.

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Some of the drivers interviewed by URN on condition of anonymity say the by law is good but difficult to enforce.