Journalist Rescues Infant from 30-Foot Pit Latrine

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A journalist in Rukungiri district has been hailed as a hero for rescuing a one-month-old baby boy from a 30-foot pit latrine.
Alex Tumuranye, a journalist with Radio Rukungiri, was part of a group of people who turned up to watch a football match between Kasoroza Football Club and Rukungiri United Football Club on Sunday evening. During the match, the weak wails of a baby were heard coming from a nearby pit latrine.
Tumuranye says there was much discussion about what to do to save the boy. He says that he volunteered to be lowered into the pit latrine on a rope, confident that skills he learned as a boy scout in his youth would come in handy.
The journalist says the baby was half covered in human waste, but was in a fair condition. The boy was rushed to Nyakagyeme Health Center.
The baby's name is not known and his family has not been identified.
Emmy Ngabirano, the LC5 councilor for Nyakagyeme, says the police have launched a search for the child's mother. He says he has also asked for people to support the baby with money for his treatment, food and clothing.