Journalists from Rwanda Detained in Uganda and Refused Entry into DRC

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A group of journalists from Rwanda were today blocked from entering the Democratic Republic of Congo by Ugandan security personnel.
The journalists, who entered Uganda en route to the eastern DRC region of North Kivu, were traveling to interview the Congolese renegade general, Laurent Nkunda. Nkunda and his National Council for the Defense of the People are fighting a war against the Congolese government.
The six journalists included two from Reuters news agency, Deutsche Welle Television, the New Times and Contact FM, a Rwandan Radio station.
Frank Nyakairu of Reuters says they were detained at the Ugandan border in Kyanika for about three hours by the Kisoro district security personnel. He says the Ugandan security officers told the journalists they could not enter the DRC because would be a security.
The journalists were later released and ordered to return to Rwanda.
Captain Tabaro Kiconco, the UPDF spokesperson in western Uganda says the journalists were advised not to pass through Bunagana in Kisoro district because of the security situation in the DRC. He says that violence in the North Kivu area has intensified as the Congolese forces battle Nkunda's rebel group.
The fighting has intensified in the areas of Nyanzare, Ssake, Mashishi and Ntamusinga which is just 30 kilometers from Kisoro District.
Kiconco Tabaro says the UPDF has intensified its vigilance along the border area and is keenly monitoring the situation across the border.
Eastern DR Congo has become increasingly unstable in recent weeks following an escalation of clashes between government forces and renegade general Laurent Nkunda.
The DRC sealed part of its border with Uganda two weeks ago to cut off a supply line to a Congolese rebel group.
Congo's government in January signed a peace agreement with Nkunda's National Council for the Defense of the People, as well as other militias, in a bid to end the worst fighting in the eastern DRC.