Kabaka Mutebi Decries Poverty Levels

The Kabaka of Buganda, Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II has challenged leaders at different levels in the country to ensure that the people they lead are saved from among others poverty, rampant corruption, illiteracy and human rights abuses.
The Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwnda Mutebi II with Nnabagereka Sylvia Nagginda.
The Kabaka of Buganda, Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II has challenged leaders in the country to bring an end to poverty. 

This is contained in his Easter message to Ugandans.

“Whenever we commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, we remember our deliverance in every situation. This is why we encourage our people especially the leaders at different levels about the issue of being delivered and delivering those they lead from poverty, corruption, illiteracy and mistreatment of those fighting for their freedom in politics, finances and general life,” reads part of Kabaka’s message.

He adds that it is hurting to see people evicted from land by people in authority. Kabaka Mutebi says that such acts were never part of Jesus Christ’s teachings.

The Kabaka encouraged unity in Buganda Kingdom and the Country saying that the resurrection should help everyone meditate on the reasons why Jesus went through suffering.

He says that the meditation should come with self-counseling and help everyone allow suffering and commitment to others especially those being led.

Kabaka Mutebi also prayed that the resurrection of Jesus helps Uganda come out of the continued dry season encouraging his subjects to be ready to harvest when the rains come.  

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