Kabale Bodaboda Cyclists form Football Team

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Tired of being labeled thieves and scumbags, bodaboda cyclists in Kabale have formed a football club to provide a platform for them to interact with the public.

The football club, which is still nameless, is being fronted by Sowedi Byamugisha a former striker at the Buranga Secondary School football team. Byamugisha says his parents were against him joining the bodaboda business because of its reputation. He says the football club is his chance to show the people of Kabale that bodaboda cyclists are fun-loving responsible people like other citizens.

Byamugisha says he is mobilizing footballers from three divisions of Kabale to join his team. He is seeking audience with the Kigezi Sports Academy to lobby for sponsorship for the club.

Latif Khalid, the chairperson of Kabale District Football Association, welcomes the initiative. He says the interest in local soccer is encouraging and pledges to support the bodaboda football club.