Kabale District Receives 197,000 Face Masks

22 Jul 2020 18:08
Delivered Facemasks (Photo Credit Samuel Amanya)

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The Government has delivered 197,000 face masks to Kabale district.

The masks were delivered to the district task force on Wednesday by the Uganda Peoples Defense Forces (UPDF) officers attached to Service brigade.

Darius Nandinda, the Resident District Commissioner Kabale who is also the head of the task force says that the delivery of the masks is a relief.  Nandinda says that task force will meet on Friday and decide on the villages that will receive the masks.

According to Nandinda, distribution of the masks will start on Saturday.

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Cue out: …the children.”//


//Cue in: “masks za kabale…

Cue out: …nituza kukukwata.”//

Patrick Besigye Keihwa, Kabale LCV Chairman says that despite Kabale being on Uganda-Rwanda border, security has been facing difficulties to implement the wearing of masks.

Currently, there are 14 COVID-19 patients admitted at Kabale regional referral hospital.  

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