Kabale Hospital Runs Out of Space for COVID-19 Victims

Alfred Besigensi, Kabale District Health Officer says that so far the district has 175 cases of Covid-19 patients. Among the total, Besigensi says that 23 are health workers.
Kabale regional referral hospital Covid-19 isolation ward

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Kabale Regional Referral Hospital is struggling with space for coronavirus patients as numbers continue to surge. The facility was designated to handle patients from across the Kigezi region as the government decentralised COVID-19 case treatment services. 

Dr Sophie Namasopo, the Hospital Director, says that the current ward which has a capacity of accommodating 60 patients is now filled to capacity, with 64 people admitted by last evening.

//Cue in; “we do not…

Cue out…own oxygen.”//

Alfred Besigensi, the Kabale District Health Officer says that so far the district has 175 cases of COVID-19, of which, 102 are being managed under home-based care due to lack of space at Kabale Regional Referral Hospital. At least 23 of the patients are health workers.

//Cue in; “currently we have…

Cue out…hand sanitisers.”//

Rukiga //Cue in; “space etuhweireho nari…

Cue out …abeine endwaara.”//

Besigensi says that because the number of COVID-19 patients is overwhelming the task force has decided to make an early discharge of patients as a way of reducing congestion at the referral. He says that patients who are not in a bad condition are being advised to go home and seek medical treatment at lower health units of health Centre III and IVs.

He asks patients to treat this in good faith because once they remain at the referral it also puts them at risk of contracting the deadly COVID-19 yet they are already battling other sicknesses and COVID-19 is also not sparing health workers.

//Cue in; “okusibuura abarweire ekyokubanza…

Cue out…kujuma abashaho."//

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