Kabale Municipality Resumes Installation of Solar Street Lights

The municipality has now resumed extending the street lights up to Hakempu un Mwanjari along Kabale-Katuna road and up to Butobere Junction along Kabale-Mbarara Highway.

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Kabale Municipality has started extending solar-powered street lights in all parts of the town.

The street lights were installed along the 2.3 kilometre Kabale -Kisoro road by Reynold construction company- RCC in 2016 while others were installed in 2018 along Nyerere, Nkunda and Keita roads under the Uganda Support to Municipal Infrastructure Development-USMID project.

The municipality has now extended the street lights up to Hakempu un Mwanjari along Kabale-Katuna road and up to Butobere Junction along Kabale-Mbarara Highway. 

The extension of street lights has left residents very excited. According to Emmanuel Sentaro Byamugisha, the Mayor for Kabale Municipality, the municipality has already awarded 118 million shillings contract to Sun Spot Uganda Limited to extend solar street lights.

Byamugisha says that the funding was recently secured from the Central government.

Byamugisha says that they were forced to lobby for the funds to extend street lights following an outcry from residents about the acts of criminality due to darkness.

Sentaro says that the contractor is expected to have completed the works before June 15th 2019.

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Silva Owomugisha, a resident of Kirigime in Southern Division says that the extension of solar street lights has been long overdue. He says that criminals have taken advantage of lack of street lights to waylay and rob residents. 

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Onispolo Obyesize Kababa and Ambrose Arineitwe both residents of Southern Division say that the extension of solar street lights is a big relief to them.  They, however, say that although street lights will provide lights that will scare away criminals, police needs to intensify night patrols in the area.

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Darius Nandiinda, the Kabale Resident District Commissioner says that the other intention of the government to invest more money into such projects is to improve the beautification of Kabale town since it attracts more tourists. Nandiinda says that it is upon the dwellers to forego acts of criminality so that Kabale turns into a most hospitable town across the country.

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