Kabale Parents Cry to Museveni for help Over Missing Son

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Muhereza 25, a former Entertainment Minister at Bishop Barham College of Uganda Christian University was reportedly picked up from an unspecified Pump fuel station in Banda in Kampala by plain-clothed men who identified themselves as security officers.
Derrick Muhereza Kateeba

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The Parents of Derrick Muhereza Kateeba, who was reportedly abducted last week by plain-clothed security officers have cried out to President, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for help. 

Muhereza 25, a former Entertainment Minister at Bishop Barham College of Uganda Christian University was reportedly picked up from an unspecified Pump fuel station in Banda in Kampala by plain-clothed men who identified themselves as security officers. 

They bundled him in a Toyota Premio vehicle and sped off. His elder sister Sandra Kiconco Orikiriza says she received information from her cousin she only identified as Tayebwa, that Muhereza was abducted around 5 pm on Wednesday. 

According to Ms Orikiriza, the abductors allowed Muhereza to surrender the key to his cousin’s house to a security officer at the pump station, saying that they were taking him to Wandegeya police station.  

She, however, says that since then, relatives led by his elder brother, Bauman Baguma and their uncles in Kampala have tried to search for Muhereza in vain.



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Cue out:… about his dissaperance,”//  


//Cue in: “Ndi Sandra Kiconco…  

Cue out:… Derrick ari, atuyambe.”//


Addressing journalists at their home in Rushambya, Kirigime Ward, Southern Division, Kabale Municipality, Muhereza’s father Charles Kateeba and his Wife Alice Kateeba said they that suspect their son could have been abducted on political grounds. Muhereza participated actively in the last Parliamentary and LC.5 Chairperson elections for Rukiga District.

Kateeba said his son has no criminal record and therefore it was most unlikely that he could be arrested on charges that require him to be incarcerated beyond 48 hours. He pleaded with President Museveni for help since all the Police stations in Kampala have denied knowledge of his son’s arrest.    


//Cue in: “I have never heard any, …

Cue out:… i can recover my son.”    


//Cue in: “Omukuronda Derrick…      

Cue out:… wangye yabonabona baso,”//


The Rukiga County MP, Roland Ndyomugyenyi Bish is the latest to join the unsuccessful search for Muhereza whose disappearance has been the talk of Kabale town for the last five days. On his Facebook page, Ndyomugyenyi posted that their search for Derrick had been hampered by Police officers who are only denying his arrest without providing any way forward.

“All Police officers kept tossing us from police station to Police station. No one has talked or heard from him for a week,” reads part of the Facebook post. The former Vice Chairperson Rukiga District Michael Kwarikunda Mbareeba has also petitioned Police Political Commissar, Asan Kasingye through a Facebook post, in which he seeks to find out the whereabouts of Muhereza so that relatives and friends can take food for him in case he is in any detention facility.

Despite being tagged in the post, AIGP Kasigye had not yet replied to Mbareeba’s request by the time of filing this report. Muhereza’s brother-in-law Medard Kiconco Bamwoya, an assistant Academic Registrar at National Teachers College – NTC, Kabale says they tried to file a case of a missing person at Kabale Police Station last week but they were told that the case must be filed in Kampala where he was reportedly abducted from.  

Bamwoya said that their hope to find Muhereza alive were dwindling every day and he also requested President Museveni to intervene in the matter. Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga referred our reporter to the Deputy Police Spokesperson Kampala Metropolitan area, Luke Owoyesigyire who asked the relatives to register a case of a missing person at any Police station so that he can be able to trace whoever arrested Muhereza.

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