Kabale RDC Accused of Bribery in NRM Polls

State Minister for Local Government, Perez Ahabwe, says the Resident District Commissioner of Kabale paid people to vote against him in the recent National Resistance Movement primary elections.

Ahabwe, who is also the incumbent Member of Parliament for Rubanda East, claims that the RDC, Cox Nyakairu, is responsible for his downfall. He first made this claim on Saturday in an interview with Voice of Kigezi radio in Kabale.

Today he repeats his charge and announces his threat not only to sue the NRM Secretariat for holding disorganized polls, but also Cox Nyakairu for electoral malpractice.

Ahabwe says Nyakairu used his office to back Henry Musasizi, his rival for the Rubanda East seat. He says the RDC's actions split the NRM support and ultimately caused his defeat.

Cox Nyakairu says there is no iota of truth in Perez Ahabwe's claims. He says the State Minister is a sore loser and should accept his defeat.

Nyakairu says he has never used his office to support any of the NRM cliques in Kabale. Despite this, he claims that an NRM camp led by Ahabwe and Agriculture Minister Hope Mwesigye is opposed to him.

The RDC is convinced that this disagreement is not necessarily bad for the NRM. He says there exist diplomatic ways within the party to resolve any disputes.

In the meantime the Kabale NRM office is distancing itself from the conflict between Perez Ahabwe and Cox Nyakairu. The district administrative secretary, Amos Rwanshaija, says the dispute is beyond the control of the office and he urges both parties to solve their problem with President Yoweri Museveni's help.