Kabale Street Parking Contractor Demands UGX 8.5M Compensation

Joseph Monday, the Kabale Municipality Town Clerk says that the municipal council has already received the intention to sue. Monday also says that they have already instructed their lawyers to file in defense to Mujunis lawyers explaining why the contract could not continue.

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The contractor hired to collect street parking fees in Kabale town is demanding 8.5 million Shillings compensation.

In 2018, Kabale Municipal council contracted Danson Mujuni to collect parking fees on Kabale Main Street, Kigongi Street, Keita road, Nkunda road, Nyerere Street and Nyerere Avenue. Mujuni was expected to charge each vehicle 300 shillings per hour. He was also expected to remit 750,000 shillings to the municipal council every two weeks.

However, in December, the municipality suspended Mujuni from collecting parking fees accusing him of failing to abide by the contract terms.  Municipal authorities also alerted police to arrest anybody found collecting street parking fees.

Mujuni was also accused of charging motorists 250,000 shillings for wrong parking instead of the agreed 20.000 shillings.

However, Mujuni now claims that the suspension of the contract is illegal.  Through his lawyers Collins Agaba of Ngaruye Ruhindi Spencer and company advocates, Mujuni says that the municipal authorities breached the contract which was supposed to run up to the end of 2019.

He also accuses the municipality for cancelling the contract through the media instead of first giving him a fear hearing. 

Mujuni wants the Municipal council to pay him 8.5 million shillings compensation as general damages.  In an intention to sue notice, Mujuni says that failure by the Municipality to compensate him, he will seek legal redress.

Joseph Monday, the Kabale Municipality Town Clerk says that the municipal council received the notice and have instructed their lawyers to file in defense.

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