Kabale Taxi Drivers, UNRA Feud over Space

This week UNRA chased the drivers away and deployed police officers, leaving drivers stranded.
06 Feb 2020 17:53
Kabale Municipality and district authorities inspecting the disputed space on Thursday (Photo Credit Samuel Amanya)

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A row has erupted between taxi, bus drivers in Kabale and Uganda National Roads Authority-UNRA over space for operating.

Last month the drivers, started loading and offloading in front of UNRA Kabale yards in Kigongi along the Kabale Mbarara highway. This was after the old and new taxi parks, were demolished to pave away for the construction of a new modern market under markets agriculture and trade improvement programme-MATIP III.

This week, UNRA chased the drivers away and deployed police officers, leaving drivers stranded.

Peter Turinawe, a taxi driver says that Counter Terrorism police officers ordered them to vacate the area. Turinawe says that officers also dug two trenches on either sides of the parking space and ordered all the drivers to vacate.

Turinawe says that ever since they were chased, their businesses have paralyzed.

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Abraham Asiimwe Buremeezi, one of the concerned taxi drivers says that they currently have no any gazetted space for loading and offloading passengers.

Asiimwe is worried that once this problem is not solved, they will stage a peaceful demonstration.

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Angella Kusiima, the Manager of Reproductive Health Kabale branch says that the blockage of the space has not only affected drivers but even other people neighbouring it along Mitchel road.

According to Kusiima, the closed space has been the only route for the patients and other clients visiting their facility.

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Engineer Augustine Kabanda, UNRA engineer in charge of Kabale station declined to comment on the matter saying that he is in an official leave in Kampala and asked our reporter to contact municipal authorities.

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Emmanuel Sentaro Byamugisha Mayor for Kabale Municipality says that the decision by UNRA to chase away drivers as well as digging trenches in the parking space is uncalled for.

Byamugisha says that UNRA authorities used a wrong approach adding that once they don’t rescind the decision, he will lead a protest to forcefully re-opening the disputed space.

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